OSHKids Online

Ages 8 - 13

Enrollment Limited to 8 Students

Class & Rehearsal Schedule



Students meet & greet and get to know each other.

Saturday, October 10th / 10:00 AM - NOON EST

Regular Weekly Classes

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays / 4:00 - 5:30 PM EST

Performances & Additional Rehearsals

Additional rehearsal time will be needed on certain weeks. Please see production calendar for full list of rehearsals and performances.


There are no rehearsals December 20 - January 3.

New Production 

Every 6 Weeks

3 Classes Per Week

1 Live Instructor to 8 Students

$100 per month

scholarships may be available

Upcoming Productions


The Halloween Spook-tacular

an original variety show of Halloween stories and poems.

Performance Schedule

Wednesday, November 4th / 7:00 PM EST

Friday, November 6th / 7:00 PM EST

Saturday, November 7th / 2:00 PM EST


About The Show

OSHKids have some tricks and treats for you! This hair-raising and toe tapping evening will be full of poems, songs, and stories.



Students will use their creativity and imagination to create a Halloween themed variety show to showcase their talents.

The Night Before Christmas

based on the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” by Clement Clarke Moore

Performance Schedule

Friday, December 18th / 7:00 PM EST

Saturday, December 19th / 2:00 PM & 7:00 PM EST

About The Show

So begins one of the world’s most well known poem about a most beloved character. A family is woken on Christmas Eve by strange noises that could only mark the arrival of Santa Claus! Will they get a peek of the world’s most famous gift-giver?



Lessons will include learning about rhyme scheme, story structure and poetry, and utilizing foley sound.

Stories from Oz

based on the stories by L. Frank Baum

Performance Schedule

Wednesday, February 10th / 7:00 PM EST

Friday, February 12th / 7:00 PM EST

Saturday, February 13th / 2:00 PM EST

About The Show

Stories from Oz weaves together L. Frank Baum’s many sequels and short stories featuring our favorite characters such as The Scarecrow, The Tin Woodsman, The Lion while introducing us to the other magical residents of Oz, such as Jack Pumpkinhead, Ozma, and the Wogglebug.


Students will be challenged with using old theatrical techniques, such as puppetry, and combining them with new age technology and social media.

Alice in Wonderland

based on the novel by Lewis Carroll

Performance Schedule

Wednesday, March 31st / 7:00 PM EST

Friday, April 2nd / 7:00 PM EST

Saturday, April 3rd / 2:00 PM EST

About The Show

This classic story follows the adventures of young Alice, who is drawn into a strange land filled with mad characters, and where nothing is as it seems. Alice’s adventures take her down the rabbit hole, and from the table of the Mad Hatter to the palace of The Queen of Hearts. To make her way through this magical and dangerous land, Alice must use her wit, creativity and imagination as she faces the very real challenge of growing up. 


Students will be challenged with creating a familiar and modern retelling of a story using their own creativity and imagination to create a theatrical design and build strong, unique characters.

The Trial of Mother Goose

based on the characters and stories from classic nursery rhymes.

Performance Schedule

Wednesday, May 19th / 7:00 PM EST

Friday, May 21st / 7:00 PM EST

Saturday, May 22nd / 2:00 PM EST

Broadway Bound!

a musical revue of your favorite songs from Broadway and beyond.​

Performance Schedule

Wednesday, June 23rd / 7:00 PM EST

Saturday, June 26th / 2:00 PM EST

Sunday, June 27th / 7:00 PM EST


Tue-Fri // 10am-5pm

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